Your comfort zone as an Expat

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Why stepping out of your comfort zone is so important as an expat?

Today’s mentality tends to gravitate to ‘more is better’.

The more thing we have to make our lives more comfortable, the happier you will be.

Unfortunately, instead it has become the opposite.

This is the same for our personal growth comfort zone.

Without the failure, heartache, and disappointment you will never experience the highs of achievement, the exhilaration, joy and feelings of fulfilment.

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What exactly is the comfort zone?

The comfort zone is exactly what it says.

It’s all the routines and habits which create a sense of familiarity and comfort.

We love feeling cosy and safe within our comfort zone.

It gives us a lovely sense of security and control.

Your comfort zone as an expat

As an expat you are not just placed out of your comfort zone, but you are ripped up roots and all.

Leaving your comfort zone is no longer a luxury, it becomes a necessity.

Let me give you an example with a personal story.

I am usually a very sociable person, once you get to know me, but I used to come across as a shy person.

I had little to no self-confidence at the time.

One evening I attended a party at my husband’s boss’s home.

I was still struggling with the language, and I was very lonely at the time.

While I was standing there in the midst of all these people, feeling very alone and isolated, I realised that If I did not get out of my comfort zone, I was going to remain alone.

Because I was brave enough to step out of myself and throw myself into, what for me was a scary situation, being sociable is now one of my strengths.

It did help that my desire to change was greater than my fear.

My point here is that as an expat you don’t always have much of a choice but to step out of your comfort zone.

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How do you step out of your comfort zone

It all starts with your mindset.

You need to decide if you are happier where you are or is your desire to change greater than your fear.

Now comes the scary bit, jump in feet first.

It does not matter if you fail or fall on your face, you tried, you gave it a go and that is more important, just keep at it.

Practice makes perfect.

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