What is Self care


“These are our daily activities in looking after ourselves.

The process of looking after one’s self.”


Self care is a personal thing. It’s not only about the little things that you do on a daily basis to take care of yourself like brushing your teeth or going for a walk.

It’s about the extra things you do, that are just for you, to help you to decompress from a stressful day or it could be doing an activity that helps you to thrive and grow as a person.

Self care as an Expat it is very important. It is so easy to get distracted by a new culture, a new language, translating that new language in your head ( don’t forget the fear of saying the wrong thing, again), trying to understand anything and everything while, again, trying to fit in.

We easily forget to take care of ourselves. 

For me I love to wake up every morning at 5:30am. The house is quiet, the family is still sleeping. It is also my most productive time of the day. Apart from that I get to drink my coffee while it’s still hot, a rear treat in my household.

But there are many opinions out there as to what self care is supposed to look like. It could be anything from taking a bubble bath, to reading books, to saying ‘No’ and much more.

I’ll say it again, it is a personal thing.

There are, however, at least 5 areas or pillars that many people seem to agree on and they are: mental and emotional health, physical health, social health, spiritual health and intellectual health ( more on those in the next post)

In the end it is about looking after yourself by not only creating balance in your life, but everything in moderation and through cultivating those things that elevate you.

This will not only lift you up in life, but will inspire others around you to do the same.

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