What is a ‘Negative dump journal’

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We have all had those moments in life where you are just feeling overwhelmed.

This is where a negative dump journal could come in handy.

There is so much going on and if you don’t watch out you will find yourself going down in a negative spiral.

It has never been healthy to bottle up negative feelings or thoughts.

It may even be the case, such as myself, where for many years, you may not have anyone that you could vent these thoughts to.

Let me tell you, homesickness didn’t help.

I had so many negative things going on in my life during the first years of immigrating and technology had not yet caught up what I needed.

I was not even unable to call home.

The other thing was, that I had so many bad days that the phone calls would have been super unpleasant for both parties.

I needed a safe place to unload all of my negative emotions.

Not having an actual friend yet with whom I could talk with, so I turned to writing.

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The purpose of a negative dump journal

The simple purpose of the journal is to create a safe space to vent.

A place of no judgement, where you can say what it is you want to say without fear of ridicule, or looking bad, or burdening a friend.

It is a means to help you out of a negative spiral.

Hopefully give you back a little peace, with the understanding that you are just venting and not just being a total bitch.

How did the ‘negative dump journal’ start

A negative dump journal is something that I needed to do just for me, but it did not start out that way.

It started as a way for me to dumping all of that negativity that was building up.

During my lunch breaks at work, I would go to a nearby café pull out my negative dump journal and just let it rip.

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I had rules for my negative dump journal

I knew that if I was not careful, I was going to fall down the rabbit hole of depression.

So, I needed to write down some ground rules for myself in order to calm my mind.

These I wrote on the first page.

Firstly: What is written in this notebook are all of the negative feelings I have in this moment.

Not all that is written here may be the full truth and not all feelings expressed here are a true reflection of what I am really feeling and thinking.  

This is just a reflection of what I am experiencing in a highly emotional state. (also, a great disclaimer if someone accidently reads it)

Secondly: Once written down, let it go, or keep writing until you can let it go.

The idea is to dump those ideas and get them out of your system.

Thirdly: You do not have to read back what you have written, unless you wish to remind yourself what it is you no longer want.

Fourth: You write in it when you want and as often as you need to.

It’s not something that you need to do all the time unless you want to.

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