My culture shock experience

Everybody who moves to a new country experiences culture shock. You even experience it when you move back to your country of birth.

When I moved to the Netherlands in late 2000, I was sorely prepared for whatever culture shock I may experience.

Just a quick reminder that I am an Australian bush baby, meaning I grew up in the bush with not so many neighbours and definitely no shops nearby (they  were about a 40 minute drive away)

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What is your self-love language

What is your self-love language? Do you know?

I have written before about self-care and self-love is another aspect of this.

There are so many ways to express self-love, but it is not always easy to understand what this could truly mean.

In my younger days I remember feeling like self-love was selfishness.

That was because I did not understand its full meaning.

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Practical ways to declutter the mind

Practical ways to declutter the mind are now part of my daily habits.

For some reason I have always had the sort of life where there is always something happening.

It doesn’t seem to stop and it feels like I can never get a break. I’m sure there are many of you out there who understand what I am talking about.

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Help, my partner is homesick.

‘Help, my partner is homesick’. This is one of the most asked questions along with ‘How can I make my partner understand what I am going through?”

It is not an easy thing to explain how exactly does homesickness feel. It does not help that most people believe that it is only the people you are missing.

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What is a ‘Negative dump journal’

We have all had those moments in life where you are just feeling overwhelmed.

This is where a negative dump journal could come in handy.

There is so much going on and if you don’t watch out you will find yourself going down in a negative spiral.

It has never been healthy to bottle up negative feelings or thoughts.

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