The reality of immigrating to a new country

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The reality of immigrating to a new country is the name of this post,

but I like to call this blog post ‘Even here I have to clean the toilets’.

This post is about managing your expectations of immigrating to a new country.

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The dream

As a young girl growing up in Australia, you are presented with a certain idea of what life will be like living in Europe.

It is highly romanticized in books and movies.

The stories you hear from others who have visited there did not help as they too say how wonderfully romantic it all is.

And it was with these images in my head and with those expectations that I came to the Netherlands.

They were right, as a visitor it was exactly like the movies.

Then I met my, now, husband and the dream continued.

But it was not long before the bubble burst.

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The reality

The reality is life is the same everywhere.

Even here I have to scrub the toilets, do the washing and the dishes, go to work, pay the bills and all the mundane daily tasks.

This was, of course, a huge let down.

All the romance of it all was gone the moment reality kicked in.

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The lesson

The lesson here is… manage your expectations, and as romantic an idea may be about living in a new country, as soon as daily life hits, the romance of it all disappears.

This is not to say that you cannot go in search of romance or that sense of adventure, it just means that you have to work harder to create it.

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