The most common times Homesickness occurs.

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The most common times homesickness occurs are easy to predict.

There are certain times throughout the year when you just know your homesickness is going to get worse.

Once you have experienced the comings and goings of homesickness, you begin to see a pattern.

Even if you are unaware of being homesick, you may find yourself falling into the habits you’ve created for yourself that help you use to deal with your emotions.

It is easy to predict when homesickness is more often going to pop it head up.

The most common times homesickness occur.

The most common times homesickness occurs are in the periods of the year when you used to celebrate together as a family.

What I mean by this is birthdays, mother and father day, any holiday that you would usually spend together with others.

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How to see the pattern

It took me several years to recognise the patterns and habits I created.

It was not easy to take a step back and observe my behaviour.

I knew that at times my reactions were out of proportion.

But when you are feeling down or deeply sad, sometimes you just want to react and not think about the why.

You are hurting and that emotion just needs to come out.

Getting back to the point…..I began to see that around those special days, my temper was shorter, I was moodier, I was falling back into my coping habits and generally just feeling down.

I did not like myself in these times and that was the trigger for me to change.

That is how I found the link between those special dates and my homesickness.

This may sound all so obvious to some of you, but trust me, we all do this, and it is never easy to acknowledge let alone modify your behaviour.

What can you do?

The first is to know yourself better. Take the time to observe your behaviour.

Ask yourself if this is your normal behaviour?

Are there any special dates coming up?

How is my behaviour effecting others?

How is it affecting me?

What can I do right now to make myself feel better? Then go and do it.

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