The 5 Pillars of Self-care

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In my previous blog post I talked about what self care is and how important it is to take care of yourself. The 5 pillars are a way to help you create awareness and balance in your life.

The 5 pillars of selfcare:

Mental and Emotional

This pillar refers to your awareness of your emotions and your management of them and this also includes your reactions to stress and how you may be dealing with it or not. 

Some questions to ask yourself might be:

Are your reactions out of proportion to the situation?

Are you feeling wound up, fatigued, forgetful, always on the brink of tears or depressed?

How do you really feel, I mean REALLY FEEL?

What thoughts come along with those emotions?


It’s all about diet, exercise and sleep in this pillar. A healthy well-balanced diet coupled with regular exercise and a good night sleep can do wonders and have a profound effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Some questions to ask yourself might be:

What is the quality of your sleep like and is your current nighttime routine a help or hinderance?

Do you drink enough water?

What form of exercise are you doing on a regular basis?


Contact with other people is important but contact with people who support and love you is priceless. The need to part of a group is very primal. It was essential for survival. Today it still plays an important role in our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Some questions to ask yourself might be:

Are you happy with your choice of friends, do they support you and make you feel loved and accepted?

What kind of friend are you? Are you supportive and loving?

Are you happy with the amount of contact you have with family members?

Who would you like to have more contact with?


This pillar refers to your beliefs, morals and values that guide you throughout life. It’s the idea that we can invest in something that is bigger than ourselves. It creates a sense purpose and belonging.

It can be expressed in many different forms such as meditation or going to a place of worship. Not only is the spiritual path about beliefs, morals and values, it’s about knowing who you truly are.

Some questions to ask yourself might be:

What are your core beliefs, morals, and values?

What kind of person are you? And who would you like to be?

Are you happy with the amount of time you are spending on your spirituality or on your personal growth?


This pillar is all about expanding your mind. This could be done through reading, puzzle solving, learning a new skill or language, but can also refer to you stepping out of your comfort zone. It also refers to your daily mindset. 

Some questions to ask yourself might be:

Is there anything new you have been wanting to learn or to try? What is stopping you from giving it a go?

How have you been challenging yourself?

What can you do to just step out of you comfort zone?

There are so many ways in which you can take care of yourself by using the 5 pillars of self-care as a guide.

But it’s also about enjoying the journey

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