Successful gaol setting

After writing a few blogs on the expat life, I thought that it was time to write once again on the coaching aspects of this blog site. As the title suggests I am going to tell you about the secrets to successful goal setting.

Now, there are many methods you can use to set successful goals, for example one of the most popular one is S.M.A.R.T goals.




Realistic, and


More successful Goal setting ideas

Another way to set a goal is to start at the end, your end goal, break down the steps to get there and then break it down again into easy to handle steps. This is usually used for more long-term goals. It looks like a pyramid, with your ultimate goal on top.

Again, I will go into more specific details in another post.

But what is the point of writing down all these goals, when you know deep down that you are not going to achieve them?

What is it that stops you from attaining those goals?

Here are those secrets I talked about earlier:

The first one is, follow through.

You only fail if there is no follow through. All the vision boards, written down goals, hopes, and dreams, stay just that if there is now follow through. You never fail if you keep going.

Make time to follow through on your goals, actually plan time for them. Make them part of your routine. It all adds up in the end.

Imagine how fulfilled you will feel once you have achieved your goal, being able to look back at all that hard work with a feeling of pride.

And that is the second secret: Hard work

It’s a hard reality, but true. The more effort you put into achieving your goals the bigger the results. No effort = no results, big effort = big results.

So don’t be afraid of doing the hard work, the results are more than worth it, simply because your worth the effort, your goals and dreams are worth your time in achieving them.

My last secret to successful goal setting is: WHY?

Your WHY is the most important part of your goal. It’s the driving force that will help you through the difficult times, the times when you want to give up, the times you feel that it is all for nothing and the end is so far away.

If your WHY is not strong enough then it will not carry you through those hard times, and trust me there will be hard times. Especially if you are like me ‘the queen of excuses’. This only changed when my WHY was strong enough.

So, lets recap.

Your method of setting your goals are your own, the method of keeping on top of your goals, such as vision board, To Do list, post it notes throughout the house, whatever it may be is also your own choice,

But you need to follow through, you need do the hard work and most importantly you need to know your WHY.

And here is one extra two tips for the road:

Have accountability, be that in the form of an accountability buddy, that is someone who supports you in your goal, or to have a specific deadline, whatever works best for you.

And last, but least

Reward yourself. Your goals are there to make your life better, enjoy the little victories along the way. Reward yourself for achieving a small step or even for just putting in the effort.

Don’t forget that you are doing this for you and you are worth it. It’s all about the journey, so why not enjoy the ride.

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Do you have any other tips to help us out with achieving your goals, then PLEASE leave a comment in the comment section below.

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