Signs you need a life coach

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Life can be hard and complicated and sometimes you just need a bit of guidance, help or a different perspective, to get you through it.

What are the signs you need a life coach?

Before you can decide if a life coach is for you, you may want to know what a life coach does.

What exactly is a life coach?

One way to explain it is to compare it to therapy.

Therapy is a fantastic option for those who need to delve into past traumas or if you need to work through any problems which stop you from functioning in some way.

A therapist will be that professional person who will help you in a healthy way to move forward.

Therapy helps you to move from a non-functional life to functional one.

Life coaching on the other hand, continues-on from there.

Your life is functional, but that is about it.

Life coaching is about achieving more in life.  This can be on an emotional level, personal growth, or goals you may wish to achieve. Anything to do with bettering your life.

It’s about talking to someone who has already been where you are now.

You start your journey at the point you are.

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How I work as a life coach

I am a great intuitive listener. This means that I am not only listening to what you are say, I am also learning about how you think and feel about yourself and your situation, which in turn will help guide your journey.

Anything and everything you tell me is strictly confidential and judgement free. This means you are free to fully experience your emotions, without fear that anyone else will find out.

I am your mirror, accountability buddy, cheerleader and support all rolled into one. This means that I will always be there for you, but I will challenge your viewpoint if necessary and celebrate all your wins, great and small.

Each session, although guided with a strategy, is co-created. Meaning life coaching is not a one-size-fits-all kind of therapy.

Each person has their own path to follow, which means each session will be tailored to your specific needs during that particular session, but always with your ultimate goal in view.

Ultimately life coaching is about the two of us learning and growing together. I am invested in you, your journey, and your wellbeing.

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 Signs you need a life coach

Here is a list of signs that you need a life coach (some are more specific for expats than others).

You feel like a mess inside

You want to change yourself and/or your life but you don’t know how

You’ve tried changing, but nothing seems to work or at least not for long

Your lifestyle is sucking away all your energy

You feel isolated, depressed, lonely, sad, and homesick

You’ve been living in your new country for a few years, and you are still unhappy

You don’t know who you are anymore, now you no longer have your support system

you feel like your life is going nowhere

you don’t feel like yourself anymore

you’re having troubles fitting in

reaching goals together

I hope this has given you some more insight as to what life coaching is and isn’t, but also given you a peek into how I work.

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