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This will be the first in a series of blog posts designed to get you thinking abut who you really are and to help you kick start your personal growth journey.

In this first article we are going to explore


Core beliefs are our deep-seated beliefs that influence our thoughts and feelings and often lead us to make assumptions about ourselves, others and in general the world around us. These beliefs often go unrecognised and yet they constantly have influence in our daily life

You may experience it as that little negative voice in your head telling you  that you are not good looking or that you don’t fit in.

You can experience them in a positive way too, such as the belief that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, or to kind to others and so on.

So, what are some of your core beliefs?

Here are 10 questions for you.

NOTE: You can write down your answers, or just reflect upon them, or do nothing with them at all. It’s all up to you.

1: What consistent negative thought patterns do you have?

2: In what ways do you consider yourself “ not worthy or deserving?

3: In which areas of your life are you waiting for someone else to take responsibility for you?

4: What would those close to you say your strengths are?

5: What would those closest to you say your weaknesses are?

6: In what way are you living a life someone else has defined for you?

7: what are you fighting against that you can choose to release?

8: In what ways are you behaving inauthentically?

9: How are you making choices based on ‘I should’ rather than ‘I want to’?

10: In what ways are you living outside of your integrity and compromising your values?

Bonus question:

What do you believe about yourself you know not to be true?

Once you understand what you core beliefs are, you will then be able to explore where they came from. You may also begin to see what influences they have had on your life and this gives you the opportunity to either continue on with these beliefs or perhaps adopt new ones.

But you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, so be brave and trust that you are worth the effort, because you are.

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