How I ease my Homesickness as an Expat

How I ease my homesickness

Feeling homesick is not the best feeling in the world. To me it feels like going through the grieving process, that feeling of deep loss.

This is not to say that I am unhappy as to where I am or even that I only wish to return home.

I am not sad all the time, I experience it as waves.

At first it was very choppy with wave after wave coming up and knocking me back down,

but as time passed the waves got less intense and less often and you learn to go with the wave instead of fighting it.

This is not to say that occasionally there is not a big wave every now and then, but you learn how to ride them.

There are some good tips out there about what you can do to help ease your homesickness,

but my list are the things that I have been doing for years to help me keep those waves at bay,

but also to help me get back to calmer waters much quicker.

Create routines

We as human beings love our routines.

That sense of knowing what will happen next gives us a feeling of control in a

time when we are dependent on others to help us navigate our new surroundings.

To have a daily routine in place is a source of comfort for me in those turbulent times, something I could always fall back onto.

This turned out not only helping me but also my entire family.


High amounts of stress accompanied me in my Expat journey.

This meant that my head was always full and concentrating was becoming an issue.

Declutter my surroundings and having a tidy living space helped me o calm down much quicker.

Hanging onto home

This does not only mean having little Aussie items throughout my home, that’s a given,

but it also means the combining of our traditions and way of life into new ones.

Examples of what I did is , to have my doors and windows open all day and in the

winter for at least 10 minutes in the morning, or walk barefoot all year round,

I can’t quite get rid of that habit.

Include them in the small stuff

Technology is fantastic now days that it has made it cheap and easy to see family and friends through a video chat as often as you wish.

This has allowed me to include my friends and family in the mundane decisions, like guiding me as to what looks nice when moving furniture around,

or having my parents just watch their grandkids play or watching a family member open up a present I sent them.

Having family and friends be included into your daily life does help not only me but them too,

don’t forget that they are missing you just as much as you miss them.

I hope that these tips on how to ease homesickness as an Expat are able to help through your own personal Expat journey.

You can check out my blog post on how I deal with unexpected homesickness for more tips

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