How I deal with unexpected Homesickness

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Last week I decided to be productive and clean out my bookcase when I came across a songbook of traditional Australian songs. I thought that I’d have a quick glance through it and also started to sing some of the songs to myself. This went okay for the first few songs and then all the memories came flooding back. Before I knew it, I was crying, and not your sweet sniffles. No, they were big blubbering sobs. So what did I do and have done in the past to help me through unexpected homesickness?

Don’t hold it in

The one thing that I have learnt over the years is that if I hold back the homesickness, you know,

push those feelings way down and pretend that they don’t exist,

only makes it last a whole lot longer and for me has led to bouts of depression.

So, for my sanity I now let it out.

I wallow, cry, eat vegemite toast with a strong cuppa and give in to those feelings.

Not for long mind you, but long enough to be able to pick myself up and distract myself by being busy.

This helps to remind me of why I am here and that it is all worth it.

Here are a few tips that help me when homesickness hits.

Call home

Now, this could really help you to feel better.

To hear or see my loved ones always cheers me up, time difference allowing.

This option, although an extremely attractive one, is not always the best option. The downside is that I could feel worse than before I called.

See how you feel first and ask yourself if it is worth the tears afterwards? In my case it’s almost always is.

Hide under the covers and cry

I am a mother of three, so this is not always an option for me.

But to be honest it is one that I would love to do more often.

Just to be able to hide away, have a cry.

To fall asleep due to emotional exhaustion without the kids or my husband needing me.

Go outside

Go for a walk.

Get out, change the scenery.

It helps you to reconnect with where you are rather than where you longing to be.

Being outdoors has so many health benefits, just 30 minutes can do wonders.

Try not to think of it as exercise, it’s a mental and emotional break from your current situation.

It has always helped me to clear my head and the get thing back into perspective.

How I deal with unexpected Homesickness

So, my question to you is, how do you deal with unexpected bouts of homesickness?

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