Homesickness and closed borders

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I have not seen or heard of anyone talk about how the closing of international borders have worsened their homesickness. This is something that I have been struggling with this second time around in lockdown.

Outside of the fact that I am also struggling to find any kind of motivation on a daily basis.

All this geared up into one big emotional mess. Which left me even more tired. This led me into a wonderfully vicious cycle.

Homesickness and closed borders

The Emotions that I was experiencing was, to be completely honest, was not what I would normally feel.

This was different. I felt like a little kid whose toy was taken away because they did not play with it anymore. You want it because it was no longer there.

I want to go home now because I can’t possibly get home.

My choice has been taken away as well as escape route was gone not to mention my choices were gone.

I did not realise how much of a security blanket it was, just knowing that I was able to leave whenever I wanted or needed to.

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Now what

So, what is it that I could do to dig my way out?

I started with all the tricks:

I called home via Skype, went on three walks a day (the dog did not enjoy this ), got back into my routines, and started cleaning and decluttering again.

What did help?

All the things I did help to a certain degree, but I still felt alone in my experience.

This is when I went online to a closed group for Expats and posted that” I was homesick because of the borders being closed, was I alone in this?”

I received over 250 comments of support and over 350 likes, hearts, and hugs.

This was an unexpected response. I found so many others out there feeling the same as I was.

This showed me, once again, how important it is to have a support system, even if it is only online.

If you are feeling the same as I did, please find someone, or, as in my case, an online group, to get that support.

Knowing you are not alone, makes all the difference in the world.

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