Homesick but Happy

homesick but happy

Homesick but happy, there is a misconception out there that if you are homesick you are constantly in a state of depression.

Now let me be honest with you…….

They are right.

Homesick but happy

In the early years of immigrating you do experience homesickness in a very real and intense way.

It can even create physical symptoms for some.

It is only later on, when you have learnt to “ride” the homesickness waves that you begin to separate your longings and your reality.

It’s living in a more mindful way, by taking the time to ‘open your eyes’ and have a good look around as to what it is you have created for yourself.


I personally felt very alone for many years, not realising that I had a few good friends that were there for me whenever I need them.

It was only when I took stock of what I had that I realize that I had more in my life than I imagined.

This can only happen and if you are able to work through the ‘comparison phase’ of your journey.

As long as you are wishing to be elsewhere, you will never settle down. Sounds very simple, but it takes a lot of effort.

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The Unexpected

Please don’t get me wrong.

I still get homesick, I still experience that tug of home, that longing to be there and not here, but it becomes more manageable.

There was a unexpected issue that I did not foresee and that was the realisation that I was happy here.

Many questions came out of this mind set such as ‘is it ok to be happy here’?

‘Does this mean I would never want to back’?

‘Who am I now’? are just a few of them.

This ultimately led to a mini identity crisis. Who am I now, that I feel so at home here?

Don’t worry, it turns out that I was still the same person, and nothing has changed, I am who I am no matter where I live.

I just became an incredibly lucky person that can confidently say ‘I have two countries that I love’.

Have you experienced something similar, then please share with us your experiences by leaving a comment below.

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