Dealing with winter depression

dealing with winter depression

The days are growing shorter, the leaves are changing colour and for a while it is exciting and cosy,

especially for an Aussie girl who has only experienced two different seasons, hot and very hot.

But then all of a sudden,

I am bringing my kids to school in the dark and as early as 4 in the afternoon it’s pitch black once more.

It’s cold, wet, and dark all the time and it never seems to end.

This is usually the time of year my homesickness kicks in.

The holiday season helps to keep my mind of things for a while, but then it passes,

I miss my family and warmth.

You need an extra 10 minutes to wrap yourself up so you don’t freeze the second you step outside,

and sunshine is a distant memory, or at least that’s how it feels.

If the sun did pop it’s head out from behind a cloud, I would joke with my kids and ask them what that weird bright thing was in the sky.

What causes winter depression?

Coming from a very sunny country to a country where it can rain for weeks on end was tricky enough.

But the days are longer in the summer time, I still cant get used to the fact the sun is still up close to midnight

I found a short youtube video that will help explain what is really happening and why we feel depressed in the winter months.

Dealing with winter depression

Here is a list of things I personally do to beat winter depression.

– defy the weather and go outside every day, if humanly possible.

  Going outside and going for a walk has done wonders for me. It allows me to clear my head and to think more clearly.

  I also plan my day, organise my thoughts, or just enjoy nature.

– put a lot of focus on self-care.

 I focus more my general health, by eating better, taking vitamins and putting more effort into mindfulness ( because if I focus too much on wanting to go home for the holidays, I will certainly end up with homesickness and depression)

  I also take time to take care of my skin as it tends to dry out with the cold winter winds.

  Hot baths or showers are a must

 – Gratitude journal helps keep thoughts in a more positive direction.

  I bake bread and love this recipe for raisin bread Raisin bread ( It tastes amazing just out of the oven.

– Make your surroundings cosy

  Pull out all those blankets, pillows and candles.

  If you have a fireplace, light a fire, and if not turn on those fairy lights.

  Here are some tips on how to Hygge your home for the winter

I found another and even shorter film for you that gives you 8 ideas on how to cope with winter depression

I even found a 15 minute meditation the help you cope with winter depression.

The winter can bring you down if you let it, and as expats it’s also a time when your homesickness can flare up.

This is the best time of the year to truly take care of yourself, not only physically but also mentally.

It’s the perfect time of year to slow things down and place more focus on slow living and cosiness.

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