Cultural Differences

Moving to a new country is very exciting, but it can also be a very stressful experience.

On top of everything else you need to contend with such as ‘ Culture Shock’ and cultural differences.

Everything will be done in a slightly different way and what you once thought of as normal is now offensive or at least frowned upon.

So how do you navigate these cultural differences?

Out of personal experience, I observed A LOT. For quite awhile I would observe what was going on around me and did my best to try and fit in

( WARNING: I went too far with fitting in and ended up loosing myself in the process,

which led to a burnout, so please learn from this and find your balance between yourself and trying to fit in)

Sydney, Australia

Another thing to do, which was not an option for me when I first arrived,

was to find other people who had already gone through it all and understood how the people around me operated ( for lack of a better word).

Nowadays you have YouTube and Facebook, among other Apps, to help you understand other cultures.

This was not an option for me when I first arrived as it did not yet exist and now I am showing my age.

So, just for you I scoured YouTube to find you some videos to help you navigate not only the Dutch culture, but also the Aussie one as well.

So without further kerfuffle,

here are two YouTube video titled

“ 8 tips what not to do in the Netherlands” and “8 ways Aussies annoy Brits and Americans”


I hope these videos have helped you.

I have more blog posts about the Expat experience which you can find HERE

If you know of any other videos that can help or

do you have any tips or tricks on how to navigate any cultural differences,

then PLEASE leave a comment below.

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