A personal growth exercise


This is a personal growth exercise to help you on your way to becoming that person who you always wanted to grow into.

In our personal growth journeys, we sometimes forget to create a focal point, we forget who we are growing into?

For so many years we are conditioned to be the person we believe others want us to be.

Trying to live up to their expectations and naturally, mistakenly, think that that is who we are.

It’s only when we get older that we start to figure out who we really are,

but does that naturally follow that that is who we want to be?


imagine for a second,

“if you were to pass away today, what would people write about you on your gravestone?”  

Put yourself in their shoes and have a good think about it. Are you the person you wish to be remembered as?

Out of curiosity, how many items on your list had to do with what you do, your job, hobbies, charity work, etc.?

Don’t forget:

In the end we are always remembered for who we were as a person and what you did was always secondary.

So, this begs the question

“how do you wish to be remembered, what would you like people to say about you once you are gone?”

Focus on your character and not what you do.


you just made the ultimate list for your personal growth journey,

but be warned this exercise will only work if you can take full responsibility for you.

No one else can make the necessary changes, but you.

Now you know the type of person you wish to grow into, you can start making decisions based on those goals.

You can start today by asking yourself if your actions, your reactions, your thoughts, and decisions reflect that person you are trying to grow into?


In the beginning it will be a lot of hard work, but don’t worry as time goes by it will become second nature to you, so hang in there, you are worth fighting for.

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