Are you preparing to immigrate or have you already done so?

Are unable to settle down?

Do you struggle to find your place within your new country?

Have you lost your sense of self, feeling isolated or depressed?


Then this is the place for you!

Standout and shine

Immigrating forces you to take a good hard look at yourself, your behaviours, your mannerisms and your reactions.

Because you no longer have your familiar support system in place, it makes it harder to adjust and to feel at home.

This will often make you feel insecure about who you are and often lead to feelings of inadequacy, not to mention, feeling out of place and out of balance and alone.

sad girl by water

This is where I can help you.

I have gone through this entire process myself which was often a stressful, lonely and depressive one.

In combination of multiple studies, personal experiences and a heap of humour, which all give me a unique perspective,

I will be help guide you through your personal journey until you are able to walk your path alone, armed with the tools you’ll need to cope with what ever life may throw at you.

This is YOUR personal story, I’ll be there cheering you on to success.

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